A European-recognized Cypriot regulator that operates far beyond Cyprus. It carries out independent control of brokerage activities of its member companies.


The International Financial Services Commission of Belize monitors the legality of the activities of brokers registered in the state.


The UK Financial Conduct Authority has a high level of confidence among traders and investors from all over the world.


The EU Directive "On the Markets of Financial Instruments" coordinates the activities of brokers operating in the territory of the 27 member states of the agreement.


The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission carries out strict control over the activities of financial companies in the offshore region.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

The largest financial center in the United States, with assets estimated at $2.5 trillion. The company is an aggregator of liquidity, simultaneously providing trust management services.

Bank of America

One of the largest financial centers in the United States, which actively performs investment banking activities in partnership with many brokerage and financial companies around the world.

HSBC Holdings

The largest European bank that provides trust management and investment support services for corporate and private clients.