20+ leading indexes

This category of financial instruments includes all liquid indices, including the S&P 500, DAX, Dow Jones and others.

There are no restrictions on the volume of transactions

You can trade indices in any volume, starting from 0.01 lots.

It is convenient to predict assets

The dynamics of the indices are influenced by many factors that are convenient to track using different tools.

No swaps for long-term trading

Many traders and investors trade indices for the long term, which is even more profitable in the absence of swaps.


Description of the index market

Stock indexes allow you to track the dynamics of different sectors of the economy in real time. Each index is formed from a number of stocks of companies united by their field of activity or specialization. These financial instruments are usually used in medium - and long-term tradi.

Instruments table

* opening and closing hours are indicated by UTC +0

Trading instrument chart