Currency pairs

Currency pairs are one of the main financial instruments in the global economy. Due to the high liquidity, there is always an opportunity to make money on the increase or decrease in the quotations of these assets.

Precious metals

Gold and silver are part of the world's economic system, so they are also actively traded on the world market. These assets are used in all trading strategies.


Stocks have a dynamically changing value. You can make good money on this if you carefully analyze the securities market and open deals on the rise or fall of the stock price in time.


The category of raw materials and commodities includes oil, gas and various resources that are actively traded on world exchanges.

Stock indexes

There are more than ten indexes at your disposal, including the DAX, S&P 500, Nikkei and NASDAQ. These financial instruments are based on the average value of the stock prices of companies included in a particular index. They make it easier to analyze the dynamics of different spheres of activity in the global economy.


Decentralized money has become a real financial boom in 2019-2021. Do not miss the opportunity to make money on the high liquidity of the cryptocurrency and on the constant change in prices for Bitcoin and tokens.